2015 April 25 , Nepal Earthquake Experience

i’ve had a few earthquake experiences in my life and the last big quake that i experienced was in 2012 A.D./2068 B.had a magnitude of 6.5 until i learned how adding 1 to the magnitude can change the whole game .

My April 25 morning was as normal as it could get , wake up , have tea , roam around to pass time and also study for the exam that was scheduled to begin from May 3 2015 . At around 11:30 Am that day i put my books aside a opened my laptop out so i could browse the internet for some time . There was no interent because i hadn’t paied the internet bills so i was trying to get connected to my neighbors Wi-Fi . I browsed the internet for some time , looked at some silly videos and at around 11:56 the ground started to shake , it gave this loud noise noise like some one was banging a hammer at the floor and i quickly realized that it was an Earthquake .

Many Experts had suggested that a large quake would hit Nepal but nobody knew when and kathmandu was not the best places to be when the quake hit .The last big quake that hit the capital was in 1934 and had a magnitude of 8.3  and killed more than 8 thousand people . Although there were a lot of warning and lot of training was given to the people , nobody actually cared . People were building houses and the population density of kathmandu was growing rapidly . Nepal has been in political turmoil form the time we won the democracy form the autocratic rulers(Ranas) . So the government would obviously not care for something that was unpredictable was unwilling to spend any money .

Seat of the government(Singha Durbar)

Seat of the government(Singha Durbar)

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A historic buddhist temple on the edge of kathmandu

Kathmandu is concrete jungle . Everywhere you look there is building being build and most of them are build by feeding money to the government officials . The capital was like the center for amusement for every nepali . Everyone was coming to the capital for something or the other . The real-state demands were sky rocketing and everyone wanted a house be built in the capital  . It was clear that if disaster struck Kathmandu then  a lot of people are gonna die and billions of dollars of property damage  would occur .



When i realized there was a earthquake , i just froze for a second then i just when the tremor stopped i ran outside to an open place . People from all around the neighborhood were there looking around in shock . Far away in the hills i could see houses falling down one by one and dust rising . In the next neighborhood   , i saw a lot of dust coming going towards the sky and realized that the old house had gone down . Old houses that i could see were either going down or were badly damaged .

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A lot of people were freaking out and some were chanting gods names . Even i was in shock , this was a really deadly experience . I heard that  two kids around my area had died but most of the people were safe .  Everyone stayed outside as a lot of aftershocks had come and after some time i received a very sad news that the Bhimsen tower(aka Daharara) had fallen and killed more that 150 people . It was historic building which was built by Bhimsen Thapa(then P.M of Nepal) in the 19th century and was rebuilt during the time of Juddha Sumsher Rana(one of the  autocratic ruler). It was monumental tower and it overlooked Kathmandu and had a spectacular view . I felt lucky that i had climbed it before it became a ruin .


Bhimsen tower

Bhimsen tower

Then we heard all of the news and found out that most of the historical building in the capital have been destroyed and the nearby districts around kathmandu have almost been flattened . There was shock and sadness all around as the death toll started to rise very quickly and very high . The district
sindhupalchowk was the most affected then it was the capital . Most of the people in the district are homeless and the bad weather is making their life even worse .
I hope people have learned something from this experience and not build houses like sticks and the government be most cautious and not give building permits to suck pricks . The aftershocks are still coming but they are minor but more than half of the quake surviving children have been traumatized
This quake was a historic experience and i hope i never have to experience it again .

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