How we are getting million worth of games and movies for free!!

When I mean we in this post, I mean we, the people of South Asian Countries and China too and some other countries where there’s no such policy for piracy.

So it’s one beautiful day and I’ve got Rs.300 in in my pocket. (i.e $3 USD) for those of you who don’t know. Now I don’t know how much a DVD of a latest movie costs in the US but I am sure it’s more than $3 USD. But with my $USD (my RS.300) I can buy 10 movie DVDs (latest or the old it doesn’t matter). That’s  Rs.30 per DVD a movie. Also, there are DVDs where there are collection of movies of like 10 in 1 movbie collection or so…, so taking literally, I can watch movies for almost free than the guys at the US.

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For the game DVDs too, it’s simple, I go and buy a game DVD in the shops for 50 cents (I.e. Rs.50) and then I can play it. The DVD comes with a free crack and all those serial numbers and all that too so I don’t hafta more money or so. Same goes for antiviruses programs, Bootable DVDs and other softwares that the people at US have to pay a lot more money for.

If you’ll come and see my computer, it almost runs all these pirated softwares. Starting from my Windows 7 OS (Ultimate), MS Office 2010 Professional Edition, Adobe  Creative Suite, Kaspersky Antivirus, everything’s pirated. But yeah, of course I got some good, un-pirated softwares like Google Chrome, Firefox (lol… these are all free)

Now, I had my first computer at 2008 AD. Now it’s already 2014. 2014 – 2008 = 6 years !!! 6 years !!! In these 6 years, I’ve watched more movies than a guy in US had ever imagined for, played more games than any kid in the US and made various software companies cry for using their software without any licence. Now this is not just for me, this is the same case for all the kids here at Nepal that own a PC. In fact, this is what every South Asian kid does. He goes and buys the CDs for almost free and uses them.


Now, I am not saying, we are better people or worse people for piracing all these movies and games and such. Now if you are a US citizen who’s reading this post, or any other person in the world whose country has a strict piracy policy and you can’t do piracy then you’d be thinking “Lucky Bastards!!! I have to pay a lotta money to buy these DVDs and this punks just get it for free. WTF ?” Now here’s the thing, our PCI (Per Capita Income) is very less. Even buying a DVD that costs 50 cents is like buying something BIG in a household that is poor. In average house household, spending Rs.500 per person for buying DVD is very much. Even If I go right now and ask my dad some money for buying DVDs, he won’t let me buy more than 10-15 DVDs cause buying more than that will just be too much for an average household here.

Let’s say, here the government creates a very strict piracy policy and shuts down all the shops that sell pirated DVDs (every shop here sells pirated DVDs), and jails anyone who uses pirated stuff. Now you might say “Finally these free fucks have learned their lesson!!” But here, the case would be entirely different. Very few, and I mean very very few would run a Windows 7 PC here. A Windows 7 DVDs (the genune one) is a lot expensive for an average household to buy. So all the rest of the people would run old versions of Windows like 98. Me, etc or some versions of Linux. We’d all be using free antivirus softwares cause buying antivirus softwares will also be very expensive here. We’d type out documents in Notepad or Wordpad instead of MS_office (cause a very people don’t know that there’s free Office suite called Libre Office.) Anyways, my point is, life would be hard here if a piracy policy was implemented.

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to be cont….

peace oot 😀


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