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This is the basically the first post after a long time, in this blog. The last post ‘Twitter Redesigned’ dates back to…. (I have no idea) probably 2 months old or even more ….

Basically, this is not a post about some topic or some other shit we’re gonna write about… Just an announcement that we’re back in the game. The reason why we couldn’t post earlier was cause we had our exams coming and both our parents (mine and Aviyan’s) cut off the internet so that we could study and get good grades in the exams. Aviyan sure did had a wonderful time in the exam which if I’ll post here, he may kill me so… I guess I won’t share his wonderful story…(ask him)

Anyways, do checkout the blog from now on as there will come awesome posts which I’m sure you guys will love. And I promise that I’ll post one new article each week.

And, I was also happy to see the stats of this blog that even when we were oot, a lot of people were still reading our articles. Kudos for that. And Peace !!! So long…..until the next post !!!


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