Twitter Redesigned

Just a couple of hours back, I logged in to my twitter account from my PC and here’s what I found :

UntitledThe redesign looks iphone(y) or more like a mobile app. I’d like to say that this design SUCKS !!!

I really don’t know why but it doesn’t have the feel of the real twitter (if that made any sense to you).Now if you look at the header, it has become lighter, in fact, it has almost become white and the links are far away if you notice ’em. In the image above, the Home link is way over the left side rather than just appearing just on top of that Box that shows me follower/following count !

Of course, it’s just a simple redesign of colors and some other little things but it sure does make difference.

Now, if you go to the home page, the design is the same as earlier (as of now) but once you log in it’s new out there. I don’t know why twitter did this but the new design actually sucks. Not because the color patellae is mismatched or the icons are not related but because they also got in the same trend as designing their website that looks iphone(y) or like a mobile app.

Another thing I noticed on the redesign is that when you click on the ‘Compose Tweet’ on the header, a jquery box (just like before) pops up so we can type the tweet but the thing that’s awesome here is the whole page (except the box of course) goes blur, which is an awesome addition right there. jjj

And uh… I guess that’s pretty much it for now. Peace oot !!!



2 thoughts on “Twitter Redesigned

  1. Those flower pots are awesome.My son (the big guy from the meet-up) was moving cinder blocks for our garden today and somehow managed to grind dirt into his carpenter pants so bad I doubt it will ever come out. (It wasn’t even necessary to be kneeling, so WTH?). If the OxyClean doesn’t work I’ll take you up on that grass stain removal tip.

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