Reasons to ditch facebook !!!

I know, I know, I myself have an account on facebook and I use it on a daily basis and even when I’m writing this post, there’s a tab on Chrome with facebook opened and it says : **** messaged you. (Wait  a minute lemme go check that)….*50 sec later*           but we actually need to ditch facebook for the better of us. Now, if you aren’t an addict (like me actually) and just use it like once a week a so, I gots no problem with ‘cha. But if you’re kinda like an addict and all that stuffs who checks in facebook every 5 minutes, here are top 13 reasons why you need to ditch facebook :

  1. The time you waste. I mean, think about it! If you use facebook on a daily basis then just roughly calculate the amount of time you waste there. On average let’s say in a day you spend a total of 30 minutes on facebook which is 30×365=10950 minutes on facebook a year or 7.60 days on facebook a year. That’s just a total waste of time and the addicts even use facebook more than 30 minutes a day for sure.
  2. Addiction. I can give you many examples of facebook addicts out here if you ask me. These addicts have the urge to check if they got any new notifications, or those new likes on that sexy profile picture of them or just some other shit they posted like “Happy new Year”!! And all these addicts do is that they just go ahead and like stuffs and just comment shits which is not real productive and just a fucking piece of waste of time. I’d rather tell ‘em to go watch some porn on the internet than do that shit.images (3)
  3. We people are getting way too dependent on the site. We just message out to friends who lives next door and call ‘em over. We are too lazy to get outta our house, ring their bell and call ‘em over. That same thing goes for Events. Nowadays, we create events on facebook and don’t give  a call to the attendees, we just facebook ‘em. This has really gotta stop as it will have an impact on our social lives in the near future. Being too much dependent on facebook will rather decrease our social confidence. If you don’t get what I mean : here’s an example : If there’s a girl you like and you’re just too shy to talk to her so you just add her on facebook and char but you never talk to her face to face even though you’ve chatted with her a million times. Believe me if I’m wrong but it’s true!facebook-addiction
  4. Who gives a fuck? You post your statuses and photos, add new live events to your profile and all that stuffs. But really, who gives a fuck about how you’re feeling and you are in a relationship? A new survey found out that only best friends and parents give a shit about your status others just like your status so that you’d like their back (pretty good tactic to get more likes if you didn’t knew about it already)
  5. That Privacy Policy. It is practically impossible to go private on facebook. No matter how much you tweak your privacy settings and all that shit, dr.doom will always find you. Facebook’s privacy policy is a huge concern for a lotta people nowadays and if you’re too concerned about your privacy policy, I got two words for ya – LEAVE FACEBOOK!
  6. The Real Name Policy : Facebook wants you to use your real name on facebook which sucks. If it finds out that you are not using your real name … actually I don’t know what it does but anyways the headline is – It doesn’t let you to use all those fancy names and such and due to this you can’t do some err… you know what I mean stuffs.
  7. Apps that steal : Recently facebook allowed the developers the access to your data using API and all that programming stuffs which I have no idea about. Apps now basically can access your data and likes, messages in your inbox. photos and almost everything on it. And to make matters worse, it can even share stuffs becoming you. (ie. It can share anything to your friends). Of course, if you’re using a trusted app then the suspicion might decrease a little but if the app is not from a trusted supplier, you are doomed.Untitled
  8. The post-breakup stage. Let’s say you broke up with your lover. Now, the next day you are scrolling through your news feed and you find your ex’s photo kissing another person with caption ‘found new love’ (or other shit) And you’re gonna be like- DAMN it’s been like 1 says and now this. ‘GOD !! Y U DO DIS ?’ What I’m trying to tell here is that after a breakup it will be hard to move on with your life because you keep seeing what your ex is up to. So, you can either unfriend your ex or just leave facebook.
  9. Embarrassing tags. You guys took a group picture and your facebook looks like a total I don’t know .. creepy. Then your friends are gonna see that photo and laugh at that photo and that’s really gonna embarrasse you. Or maybe your grand-dad tagged you in your baby photo … nude!! Think about it, you get tagged with creepy pictures of your own or even get tagged with irrelevant photos all the time.
  10. Advertisemnts. Personally speaking, I really don’t hate ads on facebook unless they decide to keep it on my news feed with those crappy sponsored stories. And yeah, forgot to tell you – facebook is planning to make a new advertisement policy where the video of the ad will play automatically when you scroll (sounds come only after you hover you mouse in the ad), so that will be really shitty and facebook will soon turn into an advertisement
  11. You’re sold. If you didn’t knew it already, facebook sells your data to big organisations, advertisers and makes money off of you. How this basically works is that – if Microsoft is planning to advertise it’s new OS- let’s call it Stainless Windows, it’s only target people who likes Microsoft or computers so facebook only shows the ads to the peopel who like that shit. Also facebook can even sell your data to Government without noticing you about it. So better leave the site.
  12. Lowers confidence. Okay so you’re this awesome guy and everybody loves you. You have confidence and chicks love you.  You post a nice photo of yourself on facebook and you get a few likes on it (probably you, your parents, your bro, that fake acc you created and some friends) and as you scroll down the feed you see this photo of this chick who is pretty shy at school and has over 500+ likes on her photo. This’ll pretty much lower your self- esteem. Of course, getting more likes on facebook doesn’t mean you’re the an but that’s what the world thinks.
  13. Monetization : Now that facebook is a public company and has already entered IPO the main aim of facebook will be yo make profits by any means. Maybe the founders may not have wanted this but the board will pressure them into making more money so that thew investors to the site can earn more money. So you  know, facebook can sell your data, tell everything about you (via database) if a person gives a load of money to facebook, blackmail you for that porn you clicked on facebook (just kidding with the blackmail but who knows..), etc. So you know what, just keep off of facebook.

If you’ve truly decided to quit facebook then good for you,you’re the man and you have my respect. But if you are like- ok so leaving facebook is worth it but what do I do after leaving the site ?> Well if that’s the case then I’ll pretty soon write a post on that (internet withourt facebook) so that you can keep yourself occupied on the internet without facebook.


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