MeisterMania : What Happened ?

I know MeisterMania happened like frigging 13-14 days ago and I had promised myself I’d write up this post on the day itself as it was as a matter of fact historic (somehow) but I was too lazy and just forgot about it on the days to come until now! But without anymore excuses, here’s what really happened at MeisterMania : (WARNING : The post you’re about to read may be too …. Blah blah blah!!! What the hell am I even writing) :

It was the 3rd annual MeisterMania on the 21st of December, 2013. A big day for both me and Aviyan Khadka (the co-founders of MeisterNator). The day started off pretty normal as Aviyan came to the my house and then we both headed off to what we call ‘the fucked up city’ , Kathmandu all by walking. I have no idea why the hell did we walk all the way to there which lasted for half hour when we could just simply take the bus. While walking we talked about some shitty theories and philosophical stuffs and believe it or not, we both found out that we both wanted to open up a new blog called lametheories where we’d share our own theories (Great minds think alike) so I think that blog will open up shortly (or not, not decided on the new blog yet).

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After we reached Newroad, we thought ‘what the hell were we gonna do on that day’. Yes ! We hadn’t made any plans for that day although I suggested Aviyan some days ago (before the day) to go to Bhrikutimandap (just a fancy name for a theme park in Kathmandu) but I believe Aviyan discarded it because he’s too scared of those heights (I suppose) or gets dizzy and pukes. Then we just wandered off the city looking at chicks and talking about shit and stuffs. Later on, we went to Tip Top (a restaurant) that is literally located in a small place (through an alley) but still famous (I have no idea how these restaurants in an alley get famous) and ate some food (literally speaking: samosa and dudhbari) !

It was also the day when the FIFA world cup trophy was gonna be showcased in Nepal in the Dashrath Rangasala Stadium which was just near to the place where we were wandering off and Aviyan I and I secretly were making plans on how to steal the cup which was literally never gonna happen. After a while, we went  to Civil malll, not to buy anything, just to see some chicks. In that mall, they have this huge TV on the top floor which showcases latest movie trailers and we went to see just that. Then we just went down and planned to go home. Aviyan was complaining about that he couldn’t walk anymore but I forced him to walk up again back to our houses and that’s when the EPIC SHIT happened. Aviyan actually puked on the road in front of the public who were walking along the road and I was just walking off acting like no shit happened with a smile on my face. Just a few meters front from the puking site, a National Football player was being interviewed by a TV Channel and we both thought what would have happened if Aviyan had puked right in front the crew. Yes ! I know. It’d be epic, but that shit didn’t happen.


So then we went to World Trade Center’s restroom so that Aviyan could puke all the shit and then we rested for a while there and walked back. We were hungry (again) so went to a supermarket and then just wandered off in the store looking at DVDs but never buying them. In Nepal, most of the Neplis just talk Nepali not English and in the elevator I was telling Aviyan ‘You feel me !!’ to convience him about something and some (I think) Spanish Tourists were staring at me as if I was mocking ’em. Later on , we bought Ice Cream Sandwich and a Pizza (for me only, Aviyan hates Cheese). Note: The Ice Cream was supposed to cost 25 but we paid 85 for each (double times 2) DAFAQ !!!

Then what else… yeah we went home. That’s all !!!

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Peace oot !


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