Productive Stuffs to do on facebook #2

In the last post (productive stuffs to do on facebook #1) : we talked about Finding your own old long lost pals (using the graph search) and then making new (girl/boy/) friends on facebook instead of just mindlessly wasting tons of amount of time in the site scrolling though that infinite news feed. In this post, we shall talk more about more productive stuffs that you can do on facebook :

Join Interest Groups :

Joining those interest groups on facebook is really really productive. I am telling ya!! Well first off, after you join a group in facebook with people who have similar interests as you, you guys could become friends easily which is a good way to know more people and make ’em your new pals. Joining interest groups is basically a place where you can learn new stuffs about your interests from other members in the group which in return makes you more intelligent on the subject and all that stuff.

But here’s the thing, don’t join shitty groups that reads something like : ‘MeisterNator haters’, ‘Love is blind’, ‘Best friends’, etc. which according to me makes no sense at all and won’t to you too. So if somebody adds you in these types of groups just leave the group !!!

I am an atheist and I’ve learned more about atheism on one of the groups called Atheist Republic!! So yeah, the conclusion is join groups, nice ones !!!


Create pages

You know it !!! How a page shares a nice little picture or some shitty meme that you’d laugh gets thousands of likes within hours and comments are just too many. (And you’d like to create such pages too !!!) Remember, all the admins behind those pages are also normal people like you whose page’s posts/pictures deserved a like. So, you can too go ahead and create a  page on a specific topic and invite your friends to like it. It may be difficult to get likes at first and you may even have to place an ad on facebook to get likes but it’s worth it if you’re sharing some good stuffs on your page for whatever the reason. Aviyan recently created a page called ‘Greater Nepal’ and it has 4 likes so  uh.. don’t end up like him  :- p   !!!


Manage friends lists

If you just have too many friends on facebook and your new feed just gets filled up with sponsored pages and shitty status of some lame pages that you’ve liked then and from friends you never knew you’d added ’em on facebook. I believe it’s time you start creating friend lists. What this basically does is that you add your (facebook) friends to a list like : Close Friends, Acquaints (did I get the spelling right ??), Guys from Job, Family, etc. so later you can just visit the list’s pages and you’d see only the news feed from people in the list (only) which is awesome if you’d just like to see what your crushes are upon by creating a list in their names.




So uh.. I guess we are done for this edition of this post !!! So peace oot !!!


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