wikihow redesigned !!!

This is one of the articles that I had written like 4 months before or so (I get confused) to publish in my blog but since I deleted that blog already I just wanted to post it here.  Although the article is already outdated but who cares !!!  Here it goes :

However, most part of the new redesigned wikihow looks just like the old mobile wikihow website we used to see before; the new redesign looks more appealing on the classic desktop monitor and LCDs. The redesign is currently on a beta version and the editors of the site are having fun time checking it out and locating bugs if there are any. The beta version of the website is at and you will need a username and password to access that site which is ‘wikihow’ and ‘rocks’ respectively. After you open it up you’ll be welcomed by this new home page.


The website looks just like any other social network and many editors complained that it is facebooky type in their forums. However, this facebook inspired design may be appealing to some audiences.

Leaving that aside, reading the how-to manuals on the site is a totally new experience with all those big fonts and big pictures opposed to those tiny pictures in the old version. Also the navigation bar also scrolls as you go down reading the article which is a big help if you’re reading a long article that’s almost endless.


The redesign also adds a new addition ‘article stats’ that gives the statistics on the article that you’ve just read. This feature will be very useful to those research nerds who want to everything about the article.


Looking at the profile of the editor in wikihow is also new and redesigned. As you can see in the image below on how that awesome editor of wikihow (who is dashing) looks in his new profile. He sure has made us proud.


Moving on with all the compliments the website also has a few defects. The redesign is nothing new. It’s just like changing the theme of your Android device. The website has new color scheme and a new design, that’s all there is to it. What many though would be introduction of new features was nowhere in sight. Since the website is just in the beta stage with many bugs on its system and the feedback from the editors may change what we’ve seen just now. We will soon write an article on the final version after it rolls out sometime next week. Until then just enjoy the site.


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