Is (sites like) omegle right for you ?

Just a week ago, one of my friends at college told me to try Now, for those of you who don’t know what the site is about : it’s a website where you can (video) chat with random people (both text and video). Yep, you read that right, with random people though video (pretty cool huh ?) When my friend told me what the site was about I was like WTF!!OMG yada yada yada!!! Because I thought it was pretty cool.


So after I returned home from the prison (yeah ! I hate college just like you too) I opened up omegle. At first, I found it pretty awesome but after I just ignored a couple of guys  (every guy does it to another guy) to chat with a chick here’s what I found : A guy masterbating… Again, I was like WTF!!!OMG !!! and ignored that gross sight. While I found that strange but it was no surprise after I found that 1 in every 15 or so people are just showing their dicks or any other stuff that is sexually explicit. That was fucking gross.

Okay so after I saw that shit on omegle and was wanting to stop using the site ,  suddenly a chick popped up and we had a great time chatting with each other and I again tried to find other interesting people there on omegle and added some of those omegle dudes and chicks in my facebook. So yep you can use omegle to make new friends too just like I did !!!


Now, there’re a lotta sites that are just like omegle (which I found out after googleing, (did I get the spelling correct)) like chatrandom, and uh… Oh shit!! I forgot.. but you guys can google it anyway !!! Most of these types are sites are pretty much similar with you chatting up with random people and seeing dicks and bots after every chat. (not literally but you get what I am trying to tell here right ?)

In sites like these, most of the guys were just showing their 6pac abs and all that shit (did I mention one chick showing me her boobs?). Anyways, there’re also various bots that pop up in these types of sites which are just a waste of time linking to other websites that doesn’t interest you if you’re a girl (cause the boys will most probably click the links given… if you know what I mean) !!!


So here’s what I’ve done, after a boring day I just went to omegle and then just did a small research on the site on what things you’ll find in the site and I’ve made a nice looking pie chart thingy to demonstrate that.


Now, if you’ve noticed, the site is mostly comprised of male people only. And that ‘Offensive Stuffs’ include male showing their dicks, keeping their hands in their pants and other stuff which is also comprised of male only (very few chicks do that). Chicks are very rare in this site. So if you’re a guy like me (or just any other male), using the site is a lotta waste of time just like facebook. Because the site is mostly filled up with guys, no guy would wanna chat with another guy which is what  I am sure unless you’re some guy in a trailer (just kidding) !!! And if you’re a chick and want to make new male friends and then also look for the ideal partner on the web then the site is for you as there are variety of guys out there. But beware of the big d***s… ladies 😉 !!!

Peace oot !!!



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