Productive stuffs to do on facebook #1

This ‘Productive stuffs to do on facebook’ post will be a series of posts that will run in the blog in the upcoming weeks as the post will be a dictionary-sized post if all were to be summed to be a single post. But anyways ….

A lot of people are literally wasting a whole load of time on shitty stuffs like facebook, instagram, etc. Those silly Poke Backs, mindless chats, fucked up comments and likes ain’t gonna lead you to greatness, sir. However, we can’t blame it all on my pal Zuckerberg and his people back at hios office for wasting our time. They never told us to do shit and play Farmville and Poke hot chicks on facebook. They just wanted us to communicate with our loved ones and keep up with the world on the latest happenings.

But whenever I see anyone using facebook, all I see is : they liking shits that they’ve never heard of, commenting shit, poking chicks, playing shitty games, using fucked up apps (like who has a crush on you, How will you die, Your Horoscope ) etc. They’re are just wasting their time scrolling that infinite news feed and laughing at a funny picture that a page shared which they’ll probably forget after a couple of minutes. So,  with that in mind, we must do productive stuffs on facebook that will rather help us than waste shit.


Finding old pals.

There’s nothing better than finding your old friends whom, you lost on the war in Iraq or got lost in a Tsunami in your backyard. Finding old pals is good for both for you because you guys can relive those old friend stuffs that you guys (probably)  had in the past. Doing this is pretty easy peasy with that new graph search feature which facebook rolled earlier this year. All you have to do is fill in a couple of data   and find that person.


Let’s say that you had a female friend who lived in Tokyo, Japan and Studied in .. let’s say ‘MeisterNator school of Arts and Psychology’. Then all you’d hafta do is fill in that info in the sidebar in the Graph Search or by typing ‘Female from Tokyo Japan who studied In MeisterNator School of Arts and Psychology’ and you’d get the results and find your friend from the list given.


It’s pretty easy right ? So yeah… finding your old pals is a productive stuff to do on facebook as you can have those funs you had in the past !!! SO DO IT !!!


Making New Friends !!!

This ones my favorite and productive stuff to do on facebook and probably is of many people too. However, facebook says tat you can’t add people who you don’t know but who gives a fuck !! Everybody does it and facebook ain’t gonna know it (unless you go around and add every body in facebook) !!!

Let’s take this scenario : Why the hell would you wan to engage in mindless chat with one of your friends on facebook whom you’re gonna meet everyday in the college and what’s the reason of chatting with your cousin on facebook if she comes by your home every fucking week. This is what drives me crazy – people literally chat with people with whom they chat everyday and I think that it’s just a waste of time unless there’s something real important to tell to that person !!!


So instead of doing that shit on facebook, I think it’d be real productive and fun to make new friends on facebook !!! Making new friends will expand your social life and increase your network upon people and that’s AWESOME. Now, I don’t think I’ll need to teach you guys how to make a friend in facebook coz all you have to do is send that kid a friend request and pray if he/she accepts the request !!!

Also, keep one thing in mind !!! Don’t send too many friend requests !!! It’s not that I don’t want you to, but facebook get’s pissed off of people are sending friend requests to people who they don’t know and they ban you from sending friend request for a limit of time (weird right ?) . So play safe and peace oot.


 To be continued ….


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