MN Comics Announced

We have a new page called ‘MN Comics’ (see the navigation bar) where we’ll post the PDF versions of our MN Comics. For those of you who don’t know what MN Comics is that – it is a new comic (company) publication with 2 titles that will roll out each month.

Our artists Aakash Raj Dahal and Aviyan Khadka are working real hard trying to bring the two titles to life every month. ‘Astron’ and ‘Paradox’ are the rumoured titles that’ll be getting a fresh start but it’s not sure whether the titles may change to ‘MeisterNator’ or ‘Andromeda’ or a new distinctive title.

Andromeda, Astron, MeisterNator and Paradox were the titles of MeisterNator comics that ran for few months before they quit getting published.

We’ll be rolling out the comics each month on the 5th or so. We’ll start to publish those comics from January 2014. Hope you’ll enjoy the comics.


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