Chicks nowadays on facebook

Although I don’t like Facebook a lot, I sure do use it a lot when it comes to connecting with new people. I rarely use it to communicate with my real friends who I see on a daily basis. The reason that I use facebook is to make new friends not any more than that. But anyways! truth be told, I am also one of the guys who when sees a picture of a really hot chick in the ‘People You may Know’ section, I jump right in and send that chick a friend  request (Yep I am a badass). Okay, so after I send the request I am all like “Will a hot girl like her even accept my friend request?”, “She doesn’t even know me.”, “I hope my profile picture will flatter her and she’ll confirm the friend request.”, etc. And believe it or not, after a couple of minutes or hours or even after a day, all the hot chicks to whom I have send the friend request have accepted my friend request. And I am like “Really? Am I that handsome that the chick accepted me!!!”, “OMG the chick likes me!! Maybe she loves me !! ” But anyways, after the confirmation, I usually go and see her profile about her basic shit and then move on to the next chick. But the question still remains : Why did the chick accepted my request ? (cause we all know that my profile picture looks like a baby that is not good enough for a hot chick like her to accept the request!!!)


Next, whenever I see the chicks online (to whom I had send request and was confirmed) I pop up a chat with them and I am like “Hey ! What up ?” and stuff like that just to start up the conversation. I wait for the reply for 10 fucking minutes and no reply. I get bitched somehow !!! I check the chat box and it tells me that she hasn’t even seen my message. So I think, maybe she just left her facebook on and she isn’t there. But I can see on the ticker (Ticker is the small box in the sidebar of facebook that shows what your friends did 30-2 minutes ago on facebook) that she’s been liking Justin Biebrr’s (I think the spelling of Biober is wrong) pics and commenting all shit on photos. So why didn’t she see my message ? It got me into thinking, I did the same thing with other hot chicks and the same result came (almost 5-6 hot chicks actually chatted with me and we had some good time). But anyways, to the topic, why the fuck are the other chicks not even seeing my message?

But then I started thinking really deep, I stalked each chicks profile and saw that every one of ‘em had like 800+ friends and most of ‘em were boys (yes, boys !!!). Then I got to her photos and most of ‘em had likes  of 200 likes or even more. Also I found out that when most of these chicks add a new profile picture, they get like 40+ likes in just 5 minutes or even less than that most of the likes were from the dudes rather than gals.


So I finally got it, the reason that the chick accepted my friend request was to get more likes on her pictures because she knows I would like her pictures because duh , I was the one who sent her the friend request and she knows that I would like her pictures! Anyways, so here’s the shit that we learn :

Most of the chicks, the hot ones if told specifically have an urge to get more likes and comments in every posts and pictures that they share on their facebook timeline just to become famous or show other girls that they’re pretty than others. Yes !! This is the psychology in most the hot chick’s mind today. But if you’re a hot chick reading this post and think that this one doesn’t apply to you then yeah you don’t because very few hot chicks don’t want more likes in their pictures and you may just be one of them.

Now guys, if you don’t believe this post then just go ahead and experiement it. I’m sure that the result will be as said in this post. But, let’s suppose this for an example, if you send a girl, a hot girl a friend request and then she doesn’t accept the request then she’s the one who knows what she’s worth of and doesn’t wanna be miss popular which is a very good sign.(Well, at least for me).


Anyways, that’s all I have for this post, and yeah more psychology stuff related posts are on their way if want to get into the minds of people. But until the next post, Peace oot !!!


2 thoughts on “Chicks nowadays on facebook

  1. LMAO! This is so true… Many guys do this. I tend to avoid it because I pretty much figured it out right from the start. Didn’t even bother with it. Instead, I let people add me most of the time, unless I find someone who is really interesting.

  2. I try to do the same bro, but I can’t resist the hot chicks so I just add ’em even if I don’t even know ’em. Maybe I should just stop it now that I’ve written a post about it !! 🙂

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