Attack of the Machines

Technology is the future and its the thing that got us into the dominant species from fools in this world . It is also the thing that may lead us into the same single celled organism that we were and it may also lead us to the masters of the universe(huh huh ,cool right ??) .


Ever watched terminator , the movie where the machine comes from the future to kill john conor three time(like three fucking times , too much man) and finally they take over the world and start killing human beings . So , the question is can that ever happen and why not . In the future years , the technology will have advanced so much that we will be as lazy as fuck and also may lead the happening things like shit . There is more than 45% chance of happening a machine invasion in the next 30 years and and more than 60% probability in the years after that .

If anything like that ever happens then everybody will be like dafaq happened and that shit will escalate very quickly(like really quickly) and there will be war , the war between man and machines but man will always have the upper hand because its the one who built it . Now , if the machine is a hardware then the job is very easy and there is 75% chance of man winning the war but if the machine is a freaking software then it will be really hard cause its pure software it can do absolutely anything (manipulate , attack , replicate and other shit) but if the war is at is early stage then human will have a 55% chance of winning the war but if the war goes into full throttle the we’re screwed , we will have a only 15-20% of winning the war and if we win the war then more than 70% of the population will have wiped out and the remaining will probably die in the 50-100 years due to bad atmospheric condition unless we colonize or find an alternative like dome , underground etc .

Now , lets talk about the starting of the war . The war will probably start for the following countries will America having the highest probability followed by China , Japan , Russia , North and South Korea then there’s Europe and spreads all across the world (we are talking about software the war starter like skynet in terminator not hardware). So a software will be built by America for military purpose to show off or for the north Koreans or any war that is happening in the world not related to America . Then if it is not kept top secret then there will be mass protest as half of the population have seen terminator . Then the software will be deployed and will work fine , it will start doing to the people what America has been trying to do for year i.e spying and stealing secrets .

It will replicate , spread to computers , hack through top secret documents , arms and ammunition(it must have artificial intelligence) . Then there will be research on the software form different countries and there will be information war ( freedom of information and privacy) . Then there will be very high improvement in the program by different countries and other programmers/hackers and there will be massive release of the program in the internet and that will go viral and then the program will start self learning and start a massive breakdown of the internet and people won’t be able to shut it down easily as it would have spread across millions of computers and servers around the globe creating massive shutdown of the system communication , power and other vital resources . There will be blackout and every computer operated machine will be on the programs mind . It will spread like a trojan but an trojan and attack everything that it gets into .

Now, why would a program start attacking without any logical reason , well the first stage of the program will be released as virus in the internet by modifying the spying program(from USA) . That virus will then spread and attack and grow to very high level in which it will be unstoppable and then there will be war .

The immediate cause of the war would be when the program launches the deadliest weapons on earth i.e nuclear weapons and hitting the targets where it may get the highest level of threat and then the true mode of the deadliest war in the mankind history will begin with a bang

That’s it , so hope you’re ready for war as it may already have begun .
If you control code , you control the world
peace out


2 thoughts on “Attack of the Machines

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