That First Impression !

A recent study was done here in my place where teenagers were asked ‘What would you look for in a person to whom you’re going to meet for the first time ?’ (literally that first impression) Although I didn’t went to that study cause I don’t want to be a crash Test Dummy and share all my stuffs. But moving on… The study found out that most these teenagers looked for a pleasant personality in a person that they’re gonna meet for the first time.dsa

‘Looks’ came off second. So for the all the ones who don’t think they’re the bomb then don’t worry, most people look at your personality than your looks. But looks did matter to a lot of these pimple faced dudes and chicks. Some teenagers looked at the confidence of people rather than their looks but these teenagers were very few than the ones who wanted a 0 figure chick or a guy with awesome personality. Very few teens wanted to see if they have a good dressing sense and humor or not. Just look at the pie chart below and see it for yourself.


From this study we can clearly say that, personality plays a huge role in a lot of things and in this case, making the first impression on people. I have even written that personality plays a huge role even in my ‘How to become a chick magnet’ post (the first post on this blog). So maybe I think I should post about having a pleasant personality but you can already find so many articles on the internet about this. Try wikihow, awesome website I tell you. (NO, wikihow didn’t pay me for writing this, I even write for wikihow and the articles there are amazing. How? I’ll post ‘How wikihow works’  later and you’ll see how. )


Although I wanted Confidence to win this shit, personality won this battle and Confidence came second, but who the fuck cares, Personality and Confidence are very similar to each other.  So remember, always be confident and have a winning personality. Sadly for the guys who think they’re ugly, ‘Looks’ sure did also matter to these dumb fucks (just kidding, me is a teenager too and I’d too looks at the looks).

So that’s all for right now. Peace oot.


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