Adding multiple clocks in Windows 7

Okay, so I learned how to do this after looking at a magazine a couple of weeks back and it is quite useful for people who like to Skype a lot with their friends who are in other country (ie. In another time zone). I don’t know if this works in Windows 8 but I highly think it works. Anyways, here are the steps to getting multiple clocks in Windows 7 taskbar.

1. First off, just click on the time and date that is seen in the bottom right of your screen in the taskbar. You’re supposed to see an analog clock and a calendar. 1

2.Click on the link ‘Change date and Time settings….’. You’ll see a new dialogue box pop up.2

3. Click on the Additional clocks tab from the dialogue box.3

4. Now, you can add 2 more additional clocks from this shit. So just go ahead and check ‘Show this clock’ and select the clock that you’d like to see. I have central America and Moscow (Russia rules) in mine but go ahead and choose anyone you like. Do the same for the other one below if you want 2 additional clocks.4

5.Click on ‘OK’ and you’re done. Just check the clock and calendar in the taskbar.5


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