Why google+ beats Facebook ?

Now, everybody who has a Gmail account knows that he/she has a google + account created automatically (You a dumbass if you didn’t know ’bout this). Ok, so google +. Here are some reasons why Google + can beat facebook..home

1. The circle. Now I personally loved this feature. If you’ve used google+ then you probably know what circles are. They are just awesome. What we do here is that we add people to our circles which is pretty easy to do thanks to the drag and drop feature it has . Anyways, you gotta check this feature out in google+ and tell me if you really did like it.circles2

2. Posting GIFs in stream. Now this where, things get really really awesome. Google + has this feature where you can share gif images on your wall and it actually works unlike facebook which sucks in this part. For those of you who don’t know what GIFs is then , it is a small image sort of thing that just animates. For example, you may have seen those crap ads on website where the pictures animates or a porn ad where a girl actually strips until the part where she’s almost going to show off her boobs and the images animates again from the beginning. That’s GIF. When you share a GIF on facebook, you’ll only see the image which doesn’t animate.images

3. Hiding friends in facebook. Let’s say you like a chick who’s is hated by everyone and no one has added her as friend on google+ except you. But if your friends know that you’ve added her, then they’re gonna tease you for adding that chick., So to solve this problem, all you have to do is hide that chick. Easy right ? But this feature is not in facebook.images (2)

4. Hangouts. This is the next big thing. Well not literally but it is. Using hangouts you can just video chat with anybody. Yes I said anybody, even if they’re not your friend on google+ you can just stop by and say hello. Facebook uses skype for vido messaging too but I found it quite buggy than the Google Hangouts.vidcvhat

5. Privacy. Now everybody knows about facebook’s privacy policy, Yes, I know, it SUCKS. But google+ privacy policy is better than ever. Google + doesn’t tell that all the status, pictures that you share on it is theirs as facebook does. Yes, facebook has it, in their policy that everything you share on it, is licensed to the social network… and also Zuckerberg (just kidding, not Zuckerberg!!!).Facebook-Spy-chat

6. Setting off. When you want to leave facebook, you can’t do so. You cannot delete your account in facebook, you can just deactivate it. But in google+ you can delete your account and sail off to places unknown.i love having fun !!! -Aviyan Khadka

7. No ads. As of late, there are no ads in google+ which is really good, well at least for me. But common, who loves ads ? wpid-images-2.jpeg

I might have missed some more points points that tells that google+ is better than facebook. If i have, just comment below and I’ll be happy to edit this post and update it.


12 thoughts on “Why google+ beats Facebook ?

  1. Google+ is still behind Facebook because most people don’t know how to use it and g+ is difficult to understand and people don like hard shit ( eg : rovio’s angry birds was huge success but amazing alex wasn’t . Why? Cause it is fuckin harrrd ) . You get me .

    • This exactly… I don’t know how to use Google+ yet and I don’t really know anybody who does. I wouldn’t mind switching because at the moment, I don’t have any family on Facebook because I don’t want them interfering with my private life or get involved with my friends. A lot of family members nowadays like to spy using Facebook. With Google+ from what I understand from the article, I can deal with that problem by creating hangouts… Am I right?

      • Yes , that’s a solution but if you can stop the spying and other things you don’t want people to see by creating a circle and putting in them and avoiding the people in that circle would be a better solution .

      • I might actually make an article on my blog how to use Google+ once I get the hang of it myself. Need to get people off Facebook and onto Google+…

        It’s a long shot but I might be able to convince some people.

      • I’m also trying the same thing(introducing people to g+ )but i haven’t had much success , people just don’t listen .
        Google + mobile app is also very good and better than fb .

      • Oh yeah and you study journalism right? I just want to say I'm so inspired by you & your blog; your clearly own style, opinion and sharp tongue (does that term exist in English? Anyway…you're Dutch, so you know what I mean). There are a lot of things you have I wish I had – in a not materialistic way. I'm curious how a young girl in Holland can be so sophisticated yet stylish like you..

      • Uluru ist bei Kosmos (Deutschland) erschienen und erscheint überall im deutschsprachigen Raum. Es spielt sich durch die unterschiedlichen Aufgabenstellungen immer anders und braucht eine schnelle Kombinatorik. Wirklich zu empfehlen.

  2. yep, google + is more awesome than facebook and people need to know about this…. the mission is quite simple “make people come to google+” but we need more bloggers to complete the mission.. Thank you @aviyankh and @Desperado316 . 🙂

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