IS Blogging Dead ? !!!

Maybe this is way too weird for you because I am literally blogging and then writing a post called ‘Is blogging dead? !!!’. Anyways, let’s just start this post without answering that shitty contradiction..


Nowadays, everybody is on facebook (crap) and twitter (rules). But before these guys came along, blogging ruled. And by ruled, I mean really RULED !!! Blog allowed people (and still does) to create their online profiles, express ideas and talk about stuff and share porn (in tumblr, really not joking, just google it). This blog is powered by wordpress and there are also other platforms like Blogger, Livejournal, etc.   In blog, there’s no character limit (unlike the fanous 140 characters in twitter) and you can write a whole (fucking) novel in a blog post which is pretty awesome as compared to twitter which lets us to only use 140 characters. Now who’d write a novel in 140 characters right ? Twitter should probably increase the word limit or else people are just gonna get pissed off. Anyways, let’s not go off topic as Aviyan here will post something about twitter in his every post if you are a fan of twitter. Now people rarely visit blogs. Last time I checked, we had 10 visitors in our page. Now believe me, if there were no facebook and all those stuffs on which you waste your time, I can guarantee you that our blog visitors would be tripled. Not joking here. So due the fact that we have very less visitors here is because social networks became the new kid on the block who everybody loved.

After my pal, ZuckerBerg created facebook, everybody was hooked on it. Be it little kids, prostitutes, homeless guy, that guy from Ugunda, every fucking body was hooked. Facebook allowed people to express themselves freely which meant that prostitutes could advertise their naked pics on facebook to get more men to sleep with them and earn bucks. But anyways, some people still loved blogging like Aviyan Khadka and blogs are still there today thanks to these guys.



Now let the war begin. Who do you think might win this shit? Let’s discuss the qualities of each. Lets say that you are very famous on facebook and everybody knows you. You get 100 likes in 1 minutes after sharing a picture or some lame status.  And in another scenario, let’s say I am a blogeer whose blog is very famous, just like you. Now, when my blog is famous, I can sign up for adsense and then allow ads to appear in my blog and earn money off it. And you’ll just still there and looking like a dumbass. I won you b****…. !!! Ok maybe not,  because, let’s take another case for this one, Suppose you’re very unfamous on facebook and the same case to me, me as a lame and an unfamous blogger who gets 10 visitors per day (yeah! just like now). Now let’s say I post something on my blog, the probability of people seeing my post is very less than your friends on facebook looking at your status on facebook. That means at least, your hard work typing that shit was paid off. But not for me, my articles just remains in the web and not even a dumbass sees it. So there’s the down side of Blogging.


But believe me when I say this, blogging is not dead!!! Although, yeah !  it’s slowing dying but it’ll probably take a lot of time to die or some guy comes up with a rocking idea to change the future of blogging. But right all I can say is peace oot and yeah – ‘the blog is not dead yet!!!’


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