Google : What every internet company dreams to be

Google is a web based company with CEO Larry page(co-founder) and chairman Eric scmidt . Google is the ruler of the internet cause its the biggest internet company and has control over most part of the internet we use. Gmail , google+ , orkut ,  motorola , youtube and its has lots of  facilities that no other company provides .

Google started out as a search engine created by Larry page and sergey brin(two nurds in Stanford university) . Googles search engine was very effective and hence became very widely used to find probably anything . There were other search engines like yahoo , excite etc but their searches weren’t as  accurate as google’s . Google used to show results that were favoured by most users in the top and gradually show other results according to the users interest . At that time the internet was huge pile of information where we had to search one by one where the info was but after search engines came it became very easy and reliable and most of the credit goes to google .


Google the expanded , creating gmail , Google+ , translate etc  ,  buying YouTube ,orkut , Motorola etc and went on to become the biggest and very innovative internet company . Google didn’t want to become just a company , it wanted to become “the company” . Google directly feeds more than 25000 employees and indirectly through its ads it feeds millions .

Google is everywhere . Google has very low chance of going down as it has so many services that will always hold the company and it is very innovative which the users will always love . People love Google because it provides services like no other . Even Facebook wants to be like Google . When a Google employee dies then half of the employee’s salary is given to his wife and then to their children till they reach 18.
Has any one ever thought of beating Google at its own game , well some people may have thought of the idea and actually its very good . Aiming high will always give you good results and if it doesn’t then u will suffering deep depression and having anxiety attacks like tony stark in iron man 3.
Even the Google headquarters  is awesome with free food , basketball courts etc and some even say that Google might even be the creator of skynet(if u have watched terminator then u will understand) .



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