Programming : The key to our evolution

download (1)Programming , the best shit ever invented in the whole god damn world . i fucking personally love coding in c , c++(learning) , java(learning) and especially for web development(html , css , javascript , php & mysql, asp(learning) …..). Everyone should know a little bit of programming and it takes the brain to a higher capacity of thinking , reasoning and solving complex problems logically .

Now programming has its own good bits and bad bits(get it bits ,  8 bits = 1 byte) . The complex programming like c++ , java etc are hard to learn unless u understand it. They are entirely based on OOP (object oriented programming) , so they have shit like class , division of programming to different sections using different function and every function can be public , protected , private  . This is actually good way of programming as it is easier to debug and code in it . If u want to learn c++ and java directly before c then , all i would say is “Please find another hobby or career ,


” .
C is the key to learning all types of programming language , its like the mother of all programming . You can’t understand much of other programs if u dont know c . C is easy to learn if u understand and will help u in every sector of computer software development and web development too . PHP is very easy to learn if u know C , i learned php after learning c (it was very easy , the only problem was remembering  the different functions or operators) . The easisy type of programming is the web development( in my view) and its like really easy to learn and easy to master than other shits .

I’m feeling bored to write just view these photos,

If you’re thinking about the title “the key to our evolution” then its actually true , in about 10 years from now the world will be completely digitized the all i would say is “if u control code ,  u control the world”.

Peace oot


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