I’m the hero Gotham needs , not the one it deserves


Batman , the Dark night . Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in comic history . He has no superpowers but uses his gadgets to fight crime while wearing a bat suite . Batman is a series of comic owned and produced by DC(they rule) . DC also own different comic series like superman , flash , wonder woman , etc.

Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne(playboy , billionaire , tech specialist , businessman , whatever u can call him…). Bruce wayne’s parents are dead is he only has is butler(alfred pennyworth) . I Don’t need to explain more about batman as everybody  knows probably everything about him . I here to talk about the batman franchise and its affect to the film  , tv , comic series .

Batman has his own style . He goes around in his cool suite , cool gadgets  , cool bikes and everything he carries is cool . The Batman franchise started in the film industry when the first movie in 1966 “BATMAN” came out . It had joker as the main villain and had instant success . But that started the entering of batman in hollywood . The batman movies kept coming out , some were bad , and some were good . But the batman got really series after the batman trilogy come out  ,starting with batman begins in 2005 and then The Dark knight and finally The Dark knight Rises . All of em’  were very successful and made batman the talk of the town and “the dark night being the best of them all” as it had JOKER(“this city deserves a better class of criminal . And i’m gonna give it to them”) .

Now , lets talk a little about joker ,


Joker is the crazy guy  . “Madness is a lot like gravity , all is takes is a little push” , thats the line by joker from the dark knight . Joker is the best villain of all time in comic history and there will be no other greater villain than the joker . THE JOKER RULES; .  Joker is also very intimidating  ,always doing crazy stuff and shit that freaks everybody out but its just fun for him .I don’t how they created joker but joker is awesome and always wil be . It’s like ,well , um … i got no words to say .

Why so serious?

Right now everybody must have heard of the new batman/superman movie coming in 2015( the biggest news this year) . That’s really cool but look who’s playing batman in it .

images (1)

Ben affleck , like “seriously” .

All i can say about this new batman is ,

images (2)

Hope , the movies proves me wrong .



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