The bigger they are , the harder they fall : FACEBOOK

Facebook , the largest social networking platform in the world . Everbody is on facebook , like every fucking body . The homeless guy who live on the street , the baby that was born 5 minutes ago and other freaking people  , all are on facebook. Everybody wants to be in the blue thingy website named facebook . Right now ( not exactly right now but around right now ) it has more than 1.2 billion users (in a world of 7 billion people, this is a bit small number ) and more than 40 million pages ( I was like whaaat , I thought pages were more than people)  . This number is growing every second.

Now , this post was not written to say all these good and bad shits about facebook but to discuss how facebook will possibly go down in the future and become the history largest downfall of a very big company . Facebook does not innovate or bring things that people like, it just goes with what is trending in the internet and whenever it brings a new feature it just puts it up and people will be forced to like it (it’s the only option we got ) whether if it sucks ( eg : graph search , timeline and the list goes on and on and on) or good (nothing to complain about ) . Its ads are ineffective , privacy policy sucks , graph search sucks and the worst of all it doesn’t give users power . Now, facebook has its fate sealed in its own hands , with that amount of data it has the ability to do possibly anything . But facebook is , as all people say uninnovative (I don’t know if that is a word) , people used facebook in the past because it offered features that no other site had and it was easily understandable but now  there are lots of sites that offer better services than facebook (eg : google+ ) but they are hard to understand . I don’t understand how google plus works but I love its social sharing ability . If someone can make a social site than is easily understandable and offers better services than fb and also they should have good marketing skill (if nobody knows about it then well……) then facebook will go down and go down in a big way . As we know “anything that goes up must come down” so there will be a time when the top news in the newspaper will be “facebook goes down” and well , then things will change and there will be a big change( I mean like really big ).


Now , after all this , if u are thinking what is facebook then all I can say is “stop doing drugs !!!”


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