The future of blogging

As we know that these days everybody blogs, even I do . But has anybody thought what way blogging is going in the future ! (I guess not). But today we are are going to discuss about its future .

Blogging is a form of writing certain content on your blog (meaning website). Some people post crap , some post something informative (like this article), and some post pornography (stop thinking crap). People blog to be popular, earn money and some other shit but is making a website and posting some things is really worth your time rather than going to a social platform ? (eg : twitter) and posting more effective. I say “HELL YEAH” . The only reason  people (not all the people some people  like “ Advertising )” do it for probably , i have no idea ) blog these days is to earn money . (Adsense mean anything to you ?) If u just want to blog then why **** (offensive language) do u waste your time creating a blog and post these shit  , why not use “Twitter”.

“TWITTER IS THE FUTURE OF BLOGGING (only if it chooses to be)” . Twitter is a micro-blogging site . It has more than 500 million users (haven’t checked the recent stats though) and you can do free advertising (by means of #hashtags). The only thing twitter has to do is enhance it service to more than 140 words and make it more image interactive (as image is the new way to post as it grabs the users attention) .


Now , you might be thinking “If twitter is the future of blogging the why the ****(offensive lang) is this dude posting here, why doesn’t he use twitter” . Well as I said earlier, it’s all on twitter’s hand. If twitter doesn’t have the skill to imagine their own future then all I can say is “Fuck it!!! (I am sick of writing offensive lang)” . I do use twitter but it’s the 140 characters limit that I don’t and  get so I am blogging here .

Twitter offers so much more than making a website and blogging . Now just imagine, there are a 100 bloggers with individual blogs and there are other 100 bloggers with a twitter account . so what would you want to do? Go to individual websites and view there posts or just get the posts in a single page . Obviously , you would want it in a single page rather than doing shit that long. If you want to visit the websites then all i can say isREALLY?”  .

This is all I can say (and feeling too bored to type ). If you want to know more then ask a question below.

Next time its all about “FACEBOOK” .


2 thoughts on “The future of blogging

  1. Dude you have no right to use my site address. Get your own friggin philosophy… And if you should be so courteous to mention someone’s blog, acknowledge it, inform them. Bootleg a-hole.

  2. @Sparrow dude… Just be happy that we (Aviyan) advertised your blog all for free. And besides, good to see you reading the post.

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