It’s Official: Facebook Sucks Now

read this article and find out why facebook literally sucks


Ladies and gentlemen, friends, readers. It’s official.

Facebook sucks.

I suppose it has been building up to this moment for a while now. Facebook has most likely sucked for several months, but myself being a somewhat reactive, ignorant person, I only noticed it recently. You may recall a similar piece I wrote about why email providers suck, in which I briefly mentioned Facebook. Lately, I’ve realized that it’s the whole damn website.

Let me explain more thoroughly.

In my previous post, I mentioned the overabundance of spammers on Facebook nowadays. Phony accounts are being made every few minutes, and then they post many spamming links in a vain attempt to hawk shoes, purses, or whatever crap suckas will buy.

To summarize, I talked about my administration position in a certain Facebook group, with several thousand members. Anyone used to be free to join this group, but it became…

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