What not to do on facebook ?

Everybody is on facebook nowadays. People know more about facebook than the whole internet. Now, recently I was asked by someone to teach him the internet and how to open up websites. I thought I’d start him with facebook. He said “I know how to open facebook, I know how to use facebook, just teach me how to open websites.” LOL for that one cause the guy was already using a website. Anyways, if you’re reading this post, then the hell, you use facebook. Here are some things that you shouldn’t do on facebook.

  • Do not change your profile picture everyday. I know a lot of people do this on my facebook, but seriously, who needs to see your photos on their wall everyday. People just get sick and as a result they’ll soon stop liking your pictures.3
  • STFU with those hourly updates. Don’t you just hate it when a random friend just updates you with everything that he’s doing ? “Brushing my teeth”, “Taking Shit”, “Tieing my shoelaces”, “Off to Work”, “Having coffee on my desk”, etc. Never do this on facebook, it just irritates people. If you’re just doing this so that you wanna know what you had done in the past, just post this in ‘Only me’ option and share it. In this way, the post will only be visible to you.Gushing%20Parents
  • No hate status please. If you just hate this world, keep it to yourself. No need to tell that to us, we can already determine that by looking at your frowny face. Posting “That chick who slapped me today is a b***h” isn’t going to earn you a single reputation and the girl will only think of as a jerk. 
  • Untitled
  •  $top po$ting your $t@tu$ like t#i$. It is just hard to read so people wont read your post at all. Just keep it in simple words. That’s it. Don’t try to be an alien.Untitled2
  • Don’t write a f**king essay on the wall. I don’t know if this happens in your news feed but most of the people in my friend lists and also the pages write a long status. Nobody reads that, believe me. They’ll just like it if you’re their friend but, I repeat, nobody reads that (yes, even Chuck Norris). So just stop that. Also it’s very irritating in mobile view when you write a long status. If you want to write an essay, use the ‘Notes’ feature in facebook.
  • Screw Google, go original. Never go to google and type ‘Awesome status to get more likes on facebook’ and just copy off the results in your wall and post it. People with brain can easily deduce that you just copied it off from Google. Just write your own original ‘awesome’ status. You’ll be proud of yourself later on.ss
  • Don’t post pics that suck. My lady, posting your topless pics won’t make you that hot model and guys posting your photo where you’re doing drugs doesn’t make you Chuck Norris. Posting these types of pictures might get you into some serious shitty legal problem. And yeah, your topless photo may be trending on porn sites next day which is really gross.1
  • Avoid using caption as much as possible. If the caption is meant to be informative then only use the caption. Writing ‘Having fun with mah friends’ as a caption when everybody can see that you’re literally having fun with your friends on the picture you posted is just crazy.
  • Don’t tag random people. People actually do this to get a few extra likes on their pictures or status. Just tag people who are somehow related to that post. So next time, don’t tag a Hindu guy with ‘Merry Christmas’ photo. He might get mad !!!
  • Y U NO USE YOUR REAL NAME. Never use your fake and weird names on facebook. Just change it back to your original name. People will find it easier to find you if you’ve kelpt the original name so do them a favor. Facebook only allows you to change your name to about 5 times or less. So think twice before you change your name guys.ssss
  • Never poke back. Take this is real life. I poke you, you poke me back. Does that seriously happen in real life? ‘Poke back’ feature is just a lame feature by facebook. If someone pokes you, just send him a message ‘Yea, what’s up?’. Don’t poke him back cause he’s gonna poke you back too. And this will never end believe me. I’ve been poking the same chick for a month now cause she pokes me back. Hmm.. maybe I should stop that shit.poke
  • Stop checking in to places. Just add them later using the ‘Places’ feature in facebook. You’ll only attract thives on your home if you check in from another country. And yeah, checking in is totally not cool if you thought it was. It’s okay to check in for like once a month but every week, don’t do that.pla
  • Don’t confirm friend request from people who you don’t know. Your news feed will only get crowded by pics and posts of people who you don’t even know. You may think, it’s cool to have many friends on facebook but later on you’ll see why it’s so uncool. Also, don’t send friend requests to people who you don’t know just because they have a cute profile picture. FIY : I do this. (psst. don’t tell anyone)
  • Girls, stop the male attraction. We all get it when you post ‘Had a hard day. Really tired. Someone wants to spend the time with me ?’ Males will only respond ‘Hey baby, maybe an orgasm will help you.’ So stop that. You’ll only be making a slut outta yourself. 75156cc6
  • Pictures of the food you ate, seriously? No need to post that picture of a fancy food you had in a Chinese Restaurant. We’ll only know that you suck more cause you brag about what you’re eating.food
  •   STFU with those lame posts too. You’ve ever seen a guy post ‘How ? ‘ and just end with that ? NO. Well I have. And that’s totally not cool. People do this just so to get more comments and likes in their status.2
  • Sing it, don’t write it. Don’t ever post all those song lyrics on facebook. Just use the ‘Notes feature as mentioned earlier.Song%20Lyrics
  • An event that long. Never create an event that lasts a month. Totally uncool and totally unnecessary. People will only tell you that you’re just an attention seeker.Month-Long%20Events
  • Chain Posts totally suck. You read a status and they at the end, you’ll find something like : Re post this to 15 friends if you love your mother. That’s bullshit and waste of time too. Don’t do that. Break the chain right there sweetheart. People will love you if you break it.Urban%20Legends_Chain%20Letters

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