How to become a chick magnet…

A lot of guys have asked this question to a lot of people including themselves on how to become the guy who gets all the chicks. As the guy’s mind is set up like this – we want more chicks and more sex than anything in the world” (unless you happen to be Peter Parker who just wants to save the day). Now below are some really good advises which when taken seriously can you into the next Chuck Norris (if he even is a chick magnet but anyways..) Read along.

Confident guy

Confidence. Confidence is the key to success as our old gramps would say. Confidence can make a guy a hero from zero (hey that rhymed!!!). So the same theory applies here. You’ve gotta  be a confident guy to become a chick magnet. Confident guys are the only guys that can make girls feel comfortable. If you lack confidence then chicks are gonna feel uncomfortable around you and you’ll be ‘forever alone’. The chicks will never come to talk to you if you really lack confidence and are often shy and seem fragile.

watch it!!!

Watch that personality. This one is very similar to the above point. You make your personality seem like you’re the man, the confident guy that every girl wishes to come and talk to. This thing called ‘personality’ can even change your life if you have an awesome personality.  So you need to make your personality a good one. Start by improving the way you talk and the way you ealk and the way you dress.

look at him, look at him and laugh

Become the sexy guy. You know how bad it is when you see a celebrity is announced ‘sexiest man of the year’ when all you see is a guy with a smiling picture of himself. And then you wander- you call that sexy ? psssttt… gimme a break”. Now here’s a little secret I would like to give to you guys –  read very  carefully : girls fart too (Whoops wrong secret) People are not sexy because they were born so or they had a sexy mom. They just took care of their hygiene and then they hit the jackpot. So the lesson learned here is that you need to look good in order to become a chick magnet. Wash your hair everyday and the face too. If  you’ve got acnes everywhere and some ewww… spots in the face, make it go off by any means because girls don’t like a face with various variety of geography.  Also take a shower everyday. I know that it’s a pain the ass if we take a shower everyday and who cares – it’s worth becoming a chick magnet.

look what we've got here

Dressing sense. No, don’t rush  to the mall and buy all those sexy and expensive clothes and underpants. No need to buy a bling and some shades just to look good. Just wear what you’re comfortable with and you’re done. (if you’re comfortable when you’re naked then screw you!!!) It’s important that you wear clothes that actually suit your personality. Imagine you wearing a punk type cloth and talking to people with your nerd personality. People are going to laugh behind your back. Also, never wear the same shirt 3 days in a row. Girls often notice this as they see the ways you dress before looking at your sexy eyes.

first impression

Make your presence. That impression you make when you walk in any room –  that needs to be improved. You must look like a leader and a person with high status when people meet you for the first time. You’ll need to make the person think that you’re important to him/her.  So learn how to make a good first impression.

look at his hands

Use body languages when talking. Don’t seem like a weirdo when talking to people – hands in your pocket and just starting at eyes of the people (and boobs of women) while talking. Take that out of your pocket and utilize it to talk by giving body languages when conversing. You will be surprised when girls will start noticing you after you use this technique. Just use every part of your body to use in body languages (hey you, stop thinking dirty when I say “utilize every body part”). Those hands, legs and eyes are worth to use to become a chick magnet and I know you’d want to one.

yes ! show me your teeths

The approachable face. If people often ask you why are you so sad today when you’re actually not then be sure that you do not have an approachable face. Imagine this situation, you had to ask the results of World Cup from a group of people – one is looking very angry, other one just as an average face and the other one looks happy and has a little smile on his face. Who would you ask the result? Yes, you’re correct that smiling guy, right? And Why? Because he looks Approachable!! If you still don’t get what approachable means after the example then hmmm… read the example again. Anyways the point is to become approachable. Keep a happy face with a little smile. But remember don’t smile all the time man, you’ll seem like a creep.

what up niggas ?

Be the king of the jungle. No you don’t have to go around beat up other guys who are chick magnets to get their position. Just become the life of the party. By this, I mean that you must be updates with all the latest happenings in the world so that people can actually look up to you when they want to ask about the latest updates. This seems little off topic but girls too will want to talk to you if you have a little knowledge of what’s happening currently around the world.

i love having fun !!! -Aviyan Khadka

Have fun. Don’t act like your dad just died whenever you attend a party. Have fun with other people and talk to them. Attend different partys and clubs to meet new chicks and talk to them. The main point is just have fun and show those chicks that you’re having fun.

ooo sexy mama !!!

Learn to listen. You have no idea about this but girls will always be interested towards the that listens to them. Most of the guys have the tendency to talk about them all the time. They never let a girl to tell anything about her. They just talk and talk about how they’re gonna blow the world up and all that shit. Just calm down,. Talk a bit about yourself and ask her about herself too. Now here’s the downturn, when a  girl starts talking, she’ll never slow down. Just listen to her (or just act) until she runs out of fuel. And  a pointer, when you guys are talking you feel very bad towards the person that disturbs you when you talking. But in the girls, this is not the case, they just love when people interrupt her while she’s talking (but when you interrupt to ask something, be it the one related to the one she’s talking about).


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